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Are You Choosing the Right Auto Shipping Services?

Selecting among the various types of auto transportation services may seem an intimidating task, especially for those who have never used this type of service before. Although there are tons of ways to find these services, but with the advent of the internet getting quotes from different auto transport companies is now just a mouse click away.

In fact, these days it has been much easier and faster to compare services side-by-side. But do you know how to choose the right auto shipping services? Here are a few steps to follow to find the right one.

Is the Company Licensed?

The first step to find out the right auto shipping services is to find out if the company you choose is a licensed company. All transport companies must be registered with The U.S. Department of Transportation (dot.gov) and hence the company must have a valid and unique MC and USDOT number, so that they can provide their auto shipping services legally.

However, brokers and forwarders do not need to have USDOT numbers, and they only need MC number to operate their business.

There are many ways to find if the companies you are dealing with have the valid registration numbers. You can either ask the company to show you the registration proof or you can check the MC and USDOT numbers on their trucks. You can also verify the registration from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website (fmcsa.dot.gov).

Does the Company Have Cargo and Liability Insurance?

Before you choose any transport company to obtain auto shipping services from them, you must verify if the company has cargo and liability insurance. It’s important to ask for an insurance coverage proof from the carrier’s company before you hire them to ship your vehicle to your new home. Make it sure if the coverage they are offering is sufficient to meet the cost of your vehicle, if anything happens to it during transportation.

Have You Thoroughly Verified the Company Status?

If you are looking for companies offering auto shipping services, and you think that reviewing different auto shipping websites for their customer testimonials would be enough to know about the company, you are unquestionably wrong.

In fact, studying only auto transport review websites such as transportrankings.com, transportreports.com, and transportreviews.com is surprisingly not sufficient. Why? Many people keep their faith on these sites and consider these reviews as unbiased. Unfortunately, these reviews are not always unbiased, since many companies hire reputation management companies to get higher ranks on these sites by adding false positive reviews.

Hence, this is really important to check them with Better Business Bureau (BBB) at its website bbb.org. The BBB is only the independent business reliability evaluation board for auto transporters. Even if the company you choose for auto shipping services is not accredited by Better Business Bureau, you must check out if the company holds higher BBB ranking, such as A+ or A. Don’t count on companies holding anything less than B+.

Have You Verified Transport Process?

Finally and most importantly, you must inquire about specific policies and modus operandi of your selected company offering auto shipping services. Find out the shipping schedule they follow, their inspection method, along with the pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Learn about any possible limitations and how these limitations might be applied during the transaction process. Get everything in written, don’t just count on verbal promises. Also, any reputable company should be able to provide a free auto transport quote.

Your vehicle is your precious possession. So it is well worth the effort and the time essential to choose the specific auto shipping services right for you. When you carefully research the reputation and service quality of an auto shipping company, it will help you to make an informed choice and relax your mind at the time of shipping your vehicle to your new home.